BEPANAH 10TH MAY 2018 WRITTEN UPDATES | Bepanah Written Episode


BEPANAH 10TH MAY 2018 WRITTEN UPDATES | Bepanah Written Episode. Today i am going to share some Bepanah 10th May 2018 Full Written Updates. Here You get Bepanah Daily Serial written updates and full episode updates.

Bepanah 10th May 2018 Written Update Written Episode and Bepanah 11th  May 2018 Precap

Episode starts with Zoya getting worried about the company future and thinks of solutions. Aditya disagrees with Zoya’s suggestions and says that Zosh needs rebranding. Aditya uses Mahi’s laptop, she eyes him. Aditya says they have to do a dashing campaign, a photo shoot with a dashing face. Zoya disagrees, Aditya tells her to stay out of his team discussion. Mahi upholds Aditya’s idea. Aditya points out him and Mahi as a team and asks the employees to start the work. Aditya calls Mahi in his cabin to discuss the plan, Zoya gets restless. Harshavardhan tells the Bank Manager to do his job immediately. Zoya sees Mahi and Aditya in his cabin, she gets restless, Aditya observes her. Zoya calls Mahi out, Aditya asks Mahi to go out. Once Mahi gets out, Zoya tells Mahi to be careful of Aditya and tells her to be away from him. Mahi thinks Aditya likes her and she matters to him. Mahi says she is only working with Aditya. Aditya comes and praises Mahi’s dressing sense and says they need new clothes for the photo shoot. Aditya and Mahi decide to go to the house of Aditya’s Designer friend, Zoya tries to stop them but fails. Zoya decides to go with Aditya and tells other work to Mahi. Aditya remains adamant, he waits for Zoya to follow them. He leaves with Mahi, Zoya runs after them. Noor reaches Radio City office to meet RJ AJ. Arjun is about to leave but sees Noor and thinks he is imagining her. Suddenly Noor stops him. Zoya gets determined to stop Mahi from falling into Aditya’s trap.

Bepanah 10th May 2018 Written Update

Mahi and Aditya check the clothes, Aditya waits for Zoya. Bell rings, Aditya gets happy but shows surprise. Zoya says she came to give Mahi’s tiffin. Mahi tries to send Zoya back. Zoya says she might as well stay back and return with Aditya and Mahi. Aditya takes off his shirt to try clothes, Zoya avoids looking at him. Mahi happily assists him. Noor accuses Arjun of stalking her everywhere and reveals that she wants to get the job as an intern with RJ AJ, Arjun gets shocked. Noor thinks Arjun too has applied for the job. Arjun and Noor agrue. Arjun makes Noor believe that he too has applied for the job. Zoya tries to divert Mahi’s attention. Aditya tears off the button of his shirt as he wears it. Aditya says his friends can stitch the button. Mahi volunteers, Zoya stops her and decides to stitch the button. Aditya smiles.


Zoya tries to open Yash’s locker with all possible dates, Aditay tries a combination, the locker opens.



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