Bepanah 11 May 2018 Written Update | Bepanaah 11 May 2018 Full Episode


Bepanah 11 May 2018 Written Update | Bepanaah 11 May 2018 Full Episode. Today i am going to share full episode of Bepanah. Bepanah 11 May 2018 Written Update here.

Today’s Bepanah Episode starts with zoya agreeing to fix the button on aditya’s shirt . She gives maahi the food she brought and deliberately spills it over maahi’s dress. Maahi shouts on zoya but later on she calms down on seeing aditya . Zoya tells maahi to go to home in order to change her dress. Aditya tells maahi to change her dress in his friends house . Zoya forbids maahi and she asks her to go home.

Bepanah Written Update – Zoya fixes Aditya’s Button – Bepannah

When maahi leaves , aditya asks zoya to fix the button on his shirt . Zoya reluctantly holds the thread and the needle . She couldn’t stare at aditya’s hot body . She starts fixing his button and aditya starts smiling . He shouts and zoya gets scared . She asks aditya if needle has injured him . Aditya tells her that he was just kidding . Then again aditya shouts . This time zoya has deliberately given him a needle prick . Aditya gives a baffled look to zoya . Zoya and aditya walk out of his friend’s house and zoya tells aditya to stop flirting with maahi which will later break her heart .

Bepanah 11 May 2018 – Bank Loan lands zosh Event management company in trouble 

Aditya tells zoya that he is behaving nicely with maahi because she is her colleague . He tells zoya that she is jealous of his and maahi’s bonding . Both aditya and zoya reach zosh event management office by a taxi and they are shocked on getting out of the cab as the notice all their staff members arguing with some unknown men . Those were the bank officials who had come there to give legal notice to zoya and aditya to pay 1 crore rupees to them otherwise they will seal the office. Zoya remembers yash arora mentioning to her about his financial stress but she didn’t pay enough attention to understand what he was going through .

Bepanah Written Update – Aditya finds the Bank Loan Papers – bepannah 

Aditya remembers that there must be loan papers which he could read in order to save the event management company . He asks everyone to find those papers. Harsh hooda calls the officials to hurry up and seal the office . Zoya finds out the locker to find those papers in the locker . The locker was having a password set . Aditya tells everyone that yash might have kept someone’s date of birth as the password . Zoya tries her birthday but it was wrong . Maahi tries her and her mom’s birthday , it also came out to be wrong . Aditya reluctantly tries his wife -Pooja’s birthday as the password and shockingly it was the correct password and the locker opens up . Aditya finds out those papers and he finds out that they still had 3 weeks time to return the money . He tells the officials to do their job correctly . He asks them to get out .

Every staff member of zosh event management office claps for aditya . Zoya thanks aditya . Aditya tells zoya that she should have known this . He asks her to arrange for 1 crore rupees in order to save the company .



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