Bepanah 8 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Serial Bepanaah


Bepanah 8 May 2018 Written Update Full Episode Colors TV Hindi Serial Bepanaah. 

In today’s Bepanah episode, Maahi’s Plan has backfired as both zoya and maahi are surrounded by real goons . Luckily , aditya
arrives there at time and when a goon pushes zoya , aditya holds her in her arms . Aditya fights with the goons . One of the goon holds maahi and aditya asks him to leave her . Aditya punches him and he saves maahi . Maahi is smitten by aditya’s action packed performance and gets attracted to aditya . She hugs aditya and


aditya tells her that it’s over , everyone is gone and she can relax now . But maahi holds him tightly and finally zoya tries to make her feel comfortable . A goon tries to hit aditya with a log of wood , Both Maahi and zoya shout and scream . Aditya soon recovers and hits the goon badly . Both maahi and zoya decide to go to their home and aditya is happy to see zoya reacting . He sarcastically says thanks to them as he was expecting thanks from zoya . Maahi thanks aditya in return and she keeps looking at aditya and she is attracted towards him .

Zoya and maahi reach home and zoya applies an antiseptic cream over maahi’s wound , but maahi is still lost in aditya’s thoughts .

Bepanah Written Update – Return of NORMAL Aditya – Bepannaah

Aditya returns home and he is surprised to see everyone eating together at the dining table . He decides to join them on the same table . Anjana and sakshi are shocked to see aditya behaving like this . Soon they notice an injury mark on his hand and they ask him about this . Aditya makes fun of himself and laughs . His lawyer dad – Harsh Hooda is about to taunt him , but anjana stops him . Aditya asks for some paranthas and he tells everyone that he is very hungry and they should let him eat peacefully . He asks about

Arjun and his dad replies him sarcastically that some people have WORK . Arjun smiles .

Zoya is worried about Noor as she has not returned . Noor shouts at auto rickshaw drivers and they don’t stop . She is angry with zoya for not taking care of her as she has not even called her once for inquiring about her . Zoya tries to call her but her phone is not reachable .

Bepanah 8 May 2018 – Aditya and Zoya enjoy listening Radio City – Bepannah

Noor returns home and zoya hugs her . Noor complains zoya that she doesn’t care about her . Her life revolves only around 2 people – maahi and aditya . Zoya asks noor to listen to radio along with her but she leaves her room and goes away . Aditya sees pooja’s ring lying by the side of his jeans and he again remembers his wife . He starts feeling bad again . He says that pooja has left a lot of questions unanswered for him .

RJ – AJ Welcomes everyone on his night show . He starts talking about life and tough situations . He tells his listeners to call him if they want to talk about their tough situations in their lives . Aditya calls RJ AJ on Radio Station . RJ – AJ is none other than Arjun Hooda , Aditya’s – Brother .

Aditya tells the RJ that he had a best friend – His wife , who left him and she crushed his heart . He cannot understand what is love and what is the truth . RJ – AJ tells him that mistakes are done by human beings only , Not god . So why do we think that humans are god and they can’t commit any mistake . So they have to let go off the things . We should forgive them and empty every heavy feeling that we have in our heart .

When our heart is free , only then there is some space for happiness to enter our lives . Zoya and Noor were also listening to this conversation on Radio . Arjun recongnized that it was aditya on the phone and found it difficult to hide his identity from aditya , but somehow he manages to do this .

Arjun cuts the call and he sighs …. He gets emotional and wipes off his tears . he is happy that he is able to guide and help his brother in some way .



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